Prayer Request

 Lord, we come asking you to give our classmates the strength to overcome their battles.

We pray for your healing hands to touch them where ever there is pain.

Dwight Woodall – Atlanta

Cross & Flowers

We join in extending Heartfelt Sympathy to our classmates in this time of  sorrow:

Family of  Mr. Edward (Meatball) Keenan, Classmate – February 2019

Family of Mrs. Dorothy Stallings Noye, Classmate – January 2019

Thomas Brooks, the husband of Barbara Richardson Brooks – December 2018

Carra Dean Williams, the wife of Erskine Williams- October 2018

Family of Mr. David Merrida, Classmate – June 2018

Family of  Mr. Charles Moorer, Classmate – June 2018

Family of  Ms. Gloria Davis, Classmate – May 2018

Family of  Mr. Raymond Ricks, Classmate – April 2018

Family of  Mr. Patrick Dawkins,  Classmate – April 2018

Family of  Ms. Brenda Allen, Classmate – April 2018

Family of  Mr. Alfred Purifoy, Classmate – April 2018

Ruby Green Sills, the sister of Brunetta Read – January 2018

Queen Jones, the sister of Hattie French – December 2017

Veroncia Keenan,, the sister of Edward Keenan – December 2017

Bishop Ralph Lee, the husband of Barbara Lovejoy Lee – December 2017

Ray Woodall,, the brother of Dwight Woodall – December 2017

Family of Mrs. Berlinea  Smiley Hollingsworth, Classmate – October 2017

Mrs. Delphia B. Graham, mother of Roslyn Graham Barlow – September 2017

Mr. Ralph Barlow, the husband of Roslyn Graham Barlow – December 2016

Family of  Mr. Henry Moore, Classmate – June 2016

Ms. Maggie French, the sister of Hattie French –  March 2016

   Mrs. Bernice Oden Stanley,the sister of Peter Oden – December 2015

 Mr. William Page,the father of Laura Page and Juanita Page –  October 2015